Football (Soccer) Betting Tip – Do You Know What Separate the Winning Punters From the Losers?


Football betting is like running a marathon, not just a 100 meter sprint. Each football season lasts an average of two weeks. Each punter must be prepared for the long haul.

A very large proportion of punters eventually lost money. Fun88 The proportion of losers might be as high as 95%. So, there is this small elite set of 5 percent of punters who are able to generate consistent profit year after year. What different these punters from the losing punting crowd?

These are the six variables that distinguish the winning punters from the winners:

1) Football gambling has to be treated as a company, not as an Interest

This really is a vital factor that is usually underestimated. Whenever you’re in a small business, every business trade will be carefully managed to ensure it attracts in a profit. You do not transact the business just to have pleasure. Much like sports betting. Serious punters devote much time and efforts for you to conducting their betting campaign for a business enterprise. They’ll do extreme to maximise profit and stay solvent throughout the gruelling campaign.

2) Take a strategising checklist

The specialists establish clear strategising criteria that involve thorough research and analysis. They set their stakes based on set down strategies and also perhaps not from the’sure-win’ tips they heard or the’lucky hunch’ they are feel.

3) Maintain a sports gambling log

No company exists without paperwork. In football betting, this is called the betting log and most of successful punters swear with it. Assessing their stakes will enable them to recognize the reasons supporting the winning stakes and the reasons supporting the losing bets.

Keeping records takes a great deal of time, discipline and efforts. However, the gambling log will reveal an accurate picture of your entire bets.

Losing is awful. But losing not knowing why is worse. Most losing punters don’t make an attempt to learn why they’re lost. Should they knew, they would have done something about it, reverse the tide, and then become winners.

By the gambling log, then you might be surprised to learn that some things are more effective than others. Only do more of what’s working and not what isn’t.

4) Have solid cash management principles

The winning punters know that even though they may pick more than 50 percent of winning bets, they could still lose when they stake more income on the winners. They know that no staking plan can turn a losing option right into a winning one BUT a fantastic decision can be ruined by an undesirable staking plan.

The professionals will place up sound money management rules notably on staking size. The sum is likely to be carefully determined so that their gambling fund may remain solvent to make them weather any downward swings from the gaming marathon that is long.

The most important mistake made with losing punters is changing the magnitude of their bets often in the fact this is the fast path to profits. They doubled up to”make a killing” after winning, and doubled up to”play catchup” when losing. They risked a lot of their gambling fund on a few of such”emotional” bets. They did not spend plenty of time to see that sound money management methods may maximise their profit and permit them to avoid losing most their betting finance. Inefficient money direction can cause them to insolvent much faster than they expected.

5) Stick to the program at all prices

The winning punters follow their plan religiously. This is of course easier said than done because we are all humans. There are a number of temptations to stray out of this plan. There is almost always a good reason to take action.

You’ll find punters who may possibly refer for their rules that a 100 times but have issues sticking with a, especially the bet size. Remember, you might pick 60% of winners and still lose if you are putting more $ to the losers.

The experts have the disposition to be firm and not deviate in their own plan.

6) Be very patient when the chips are down

Those punters who wish to become more profitable per week will be disappointed. You will win and you have to hope to drop. You will have highs and you’ll have lows. Streaks happen on the way.

Slimming is inevitable and can be part of the match. The pros accept losing streaks as part of these small business. They are ready to encounter loss at the short run but they never drop sight of these gambling business in the future. Their priority will be always to make certain their gambling finance isn’t depleted.

Every punter must keep in mind that cash is their inventory, like tools to a mechanic. Without cash, he’s out of business, and with out a opportunity to create a come back.


The aforementioned six facets may seem straightforward and follow, but if real money is at stake, it may not look so easy to do anymore.

It might be harder emotionally to adhere to the plan religiously. This is why large part of these punters neglects to win . I hope you have what it takes to become part of the exception.

Stanley Ong is a Chartered Accountant with extensive expertise in football gambling. Football has been his passion as young.

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