Starcraft 2 Strategy For Zerg – How to Counter Cannon Rush


Protoss Cannons can be devastating. If the player isn’t ready for them, they could efficiently decide the results of the match. Hence, it will become essential for several races to learn that the Starcraft 2 strategies on the best way best to block the rush in its own tracks. This Starcraft 2 strategy guide will explain to you the way you can counter a Protoss Cannon rush being a Zerg csgo smurf.

Construct Spine Crawlers on your base to keep the Cannons Away. Make sure that you do everything in your ability to delay the progress of their Cannons to you base, particularly taking out Pylons first. Then shift your attention to Banelings. These are the components you will end up using to carry from the Cannons. Once you have enough of them, dispatch them to take out the Cannons and/or Pylons. Be on the lookout for Void Rays; the enemy might be using the Cannons simply because of distraction or decoy.

Once the Cannons are dealt with, send your army to attack their principal base. If the enemy gets Cannons protecting his foundation, have the Banelings counter them as a portion of one’s Starcraft two strategy. Focus on taking out his Probes; usually do not waste your time on anything else. Now use some Roaches to mop it up and finish the game.