Movie Download Scams FAQ


This is all brand new to me. How simple is it to begin?

Downloading movies is simple and you may be seeing you first movie in minutes. Easy to follow education together with detailed tutorials signifies that in moments you’ll be seeing you first selected movie. Should you possess, any questions just contact the technical service team that are just too ready to assist solarmovie.

Be honest what films choices for you need for me to download

Put just nearly every picture on earth is available for downloading.

If the computer software is free why do I need to pay.

The enrollment fee goes toward the specialized support teams and also to supply you with all of the consumer guides.What operating system may I use to get films?Both windows and mac compatible.

Absolutely not. The program will operate with all suppliers. If in case you’ve got an issue the technical assistance staff are ready and willing to solve you query

Who would inquire if I have a query?

When it is a technical question that the technical team are there 24/7 for any technical questions you may encounter. Other things will be taken care of by the right teams.

The faster connections like broad group or cable are best for the down loading of those movies. However it’s still possible to download using a dial up connection the only real difference is going to be the time required for your download.

What Type of time can it require to down load a movie

It truly is dependent upon the speed of your relationship. Bigger files will require more time to download.

Can there be a time delay until I could begin loading movies?

Access is provided immediately after connecting. The email used during enrollment will soon be added to the documents and also an email providing you the account information will be sent to you. Once activated you’re free to down load, as many movies as you wish.We supply immediate access! After connecting, your email address will be added into our database, along with an email giving you the account information will be transmitted within seconds.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

Most websites provide a no duties cancel coverage So if you’re ever dissatisfied with any portion of those firms service if technical or not you’ll not have any obligations to cover a predetermined time period.

What happens when I can’t find the movie I need?

If you cannot obtain the movie you need You ought to try again later. Other user might well be downloading the specific same picture which you’re after.

Why when I down load the rate is slow?

The download rate and therefore the time required will change in the link and that of this movie selected. The rate of downward load is generally one or another. Why do I have difficulty connection to the host using this program? This is going to become your firewall stopping entry to this programme. You will need to plan your firewall to take the network traffic. This Is a Result of firewall software in your