Coal Oil (Kerosene), Lard and Zinc Lids


Eastern Kentucky had a home remedy to break up congestion: coal oil (kerosene), lard and zinc lids. I never understood why they called kerosene, “coal oil,” but that is exactly what we called it back home.

The remedy for chest congestion: a zinc lid, a little bit of coal oil (kerosene) and a dab of lard. The girls would put the kerosene and lard in a skillet walmart cbd oil. Then they would rake a few coals from the fire area on the hearth. Subsequently the zinc lid with the mix indoors could be put atop those hot coals.

Shortly the lard would melt and mix together with the kerosene. When the mixture was hot, the girl would take it and pour some on a wool fabric. Then while the mixture was still quite warm, she’d use this wool cloth to the individual’s chest. Then she would cover the cloth with the patient’s PJ’s or T-shirt, pull on the quilts back over his torso, and allow the home remedy work its own magic.

The aroma would penetrate the nostril membranes to help alleviate nasal congestion, but its most important job was, along with the heat, to penetrate the torso and alleviate congestion in bronchial passages and lungs. This process could be repeated over and over until results were obtained.

I’ll never forget Mrs. Cummings producing the coal

(kerosene) and lard concoction in a skillet for my younger brother. He had pneumonia as well as the local doctor told mom that her youngest son would be lucky to make it through the evening.

Enter Mrs. Cummings and her home remedy. She kept the wool fabric warm with the mixture. She implemented these compresses to my little brother’s chest through out the night.

This was in 1946, and he is still alive now. Home remedies work, and so do natural foods for your diet. So as always, eat healthful my friends.